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This is the list of Male Puppy Names and that start with Ab-Ad.

Abel : Hebrew for Breath

Abraham : Father of a Multitude

Abrecan : Storm, of Anglo-Saxon origins

Accel : Speed up, short for accelerate.

Ace : ”A unit” of French origins

Achilles : A great warrior of the Trojan War, possibly meaning “pain”.

Adalard : Nobel and hardy, it is German in origin.

Adalwen : ”Nobel friend” of German origin

Adam : Man, earth in Hebrew

Adar : Illustrious, 6th month of the year in the Jewish calendar.

Addis : It means “New” and “Son of Adam”

Adney : Nobel

Adonis : ”Handsome” in Greek

Adriel : Followers of God

Adrian : Dark one

Advent : Season observed as a time of waiting for the second coming of Jesus.


This is the list of Puppy Names and Names for dogs that start with Ae-Ak.

Aero : Greek for “air”

Agustin : Respect, reverence, or heartfelt deference

Ahern : Lord of the horses in Celtic

Aiden : ”Born of fire” in Ireland

Ainsworth : A surname meaning “from Ann’s estate”.

Ajax : Mourner of the earth. A hero in Greek mythology

Akiba : ” Grasped by the heel”

Akram : Charitable


This is the list of Male Puppy Names that start with Al.

Aladdin : Servant of Allah

Alan : Harmony

Alano : Handsome in Spanish

Alasdair : ”Mankind’s Defender” in Greek

Albern : ”Warrior” in England

Albion : Roman for “White cliffs” and is the oldest known name of England

Alcott : Old cottage

Aldan : Old friend

Aldrich : Old ruler

Aldrik : ”Nobel friend” in German

Aleck : Defender of mankind

Aler : ” Comes from the Alder tree” in England

Alfrid : Wise

Alger : Elf’s spear

Alois : Renowned warrior

Alonso : Battle ready warrior

Alpin : Fair

Alpine : High mountains

Alrik : Noble ruler

Alton : Old town

Alue : The howling of the wolves.

Alvin : Friend to the elves’

Alwin : Friend to the elves’


This is the list of Male Puppy Names that start with Am-Ap.

Amadeo : Love from God

Amodo : Love from God

Ambassador : One who goes on an errand

Ambrus : Eternal

Ammo : Short for ammunition

Amon : Builder

Amos : Burdened

Amwolf : ”Eagle wolf” in German

Ancil : Fortunate, blessed

Andre : Warrior of men

Andrew : Warrior of men

Andric : Warrior of men

Angus : The only choice

Ansel : Nobleman’s follower

Anselmo : Nobleman’s follower

Anson : Uncertain

Antor : The foster father of Arthur in Arthurian legend

Anzor : ”Free” in Russian

Aponivi : ”Where the wind blows “ in Native American

Apsel : Creator of peace


This is the list of Male Dog Names that start with Ar.

Arabia : Sunset, also a peninsula in the middle east

Arbie : Servant of the powerful in Arabic, also Crossbow in French

Archard : ”Powerful” in French

Ardal : ”High courage” in German

Ardley : ”One who is better left at home”

Argos : Smart

Aric : Rules forever

Arion : ”Poseidon’s magical horse” in Greek Mythology

Arlan : ”One who abides by an oath” in Celtic

Arland : Raider, thief

Arlin : “One who abides by an oath” in Celtic

Armando : Man of the military

Armstrong : Strong-armed

Arnold : Powerful eagle

Arluk : ”Valley” in Scottish

Aron : Mountain

Artair : Name of uncertain origins possibly “bear” or “stone”.

Arthur : Legendary Britain King in Arthurian Legend

Arturo : Name of uncertain origins possibly “bear” or “stone”.

Arvon : Friend of the people

Arwood : ”From the fir forest” in England

Arye : ”Lion of God” in Hebrew


This is the list of Male Puppy Names and that start with As-At.

Asaf : ”God gathered” in Hebrew

Ashe : High minded and resonates with authority” in Celtic.

Asher : High minded and resonates with authority” in Celtic.

Ashford : High minded and resonates with authority” in Celtic.

Aslan : ”Lion” in Turkish. The magical lion in the Chronicles of Narnia.

Assan : ” Waterfall” in Irish.

Astro : ”Star” in Greek also the name of the Jetson’s Dog.

Atelic : ” The horrible”

Athan : ”The ever living” in Greek

Ator : ” The venomous one” in Dutch

Atticus : ”From Athens Greece” in Latin

Atty : ”Nobel bear” in Celtic


The best way to name your dog from Au-Az.

Auden : ”Loyal friend” in English

Audley : ””From the old field” in English

Audwin : ”Loyal friend” in German.

Augustus : Sacred or revered. A title given to Roman Emperors.

Aurik : ”Gracious leader” in German

Austin : Respected

Awan : ”Helper” in Pakistan. A tribe of people in Pakistan.

Axel : Bringer of peace

Ayers : Heir

Azhar : ”Bringer of God’s light” in Arabic.

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