Difference of an Imperial Shih Tzu and Chinese Imperial Dog

Imperial Shih Tzu

Imperial Shih Tzu is less than 9 lbs and is a smaller version of the Shih Tzu.

They are considered by AKC a Shih Tzu. The term "Imperial" is a description of a weight difference of the Shih Tzu by dog breeders.

The Imperial size is an explanation of the original dogs in Tibet. The Empress favored 6-9 pound dogs. Hence the term imperial.

An imperial may come from standard size Shih Tzu.

They do not have to be bred to be so small. They sure are cute.

They are also not recommended for breeding by the American Shih Tzu Club of America (ASTCA).

Chinese Imperial Dog

Chinese Imperial Dog (CID) is also less than 9 lbs however no taller than 9 inches. They are registered as a CID! Not as a Shih Tzu like the Imperial.

A first generation CID has been certified by weight and other measurements stated by the Chinese Imperial Dog Club of America (CIDCA).

To be a second generation CID both parents of the dog have to be a registered Chinese Imperial by the CIDCA.

When the puppies reach 14 months they must also be certified by weight and length to be registered. All 3rd generation dogs must also be verified at 14 months.

These two breed names are both in fact the same dog. The CIDCA wants Imperials to have their own breed standard and that is why CIDCA was started.

Conforming to Standards

Shih tzu puppy brown and white

The Chinese Imperial Dog and the Imperial Shih Tzu do not conform to the standard that the American Shih Tzu Club of America (ASTCA) has set for the size that the Shih Tzu should be.

ASTC does not match the British standard and some other countries breed standard.

We love all our Shih Tzu regardless of size. We love the personality of the breed. They are wonderful family friendly dogs who get along well with our children and other pets.

What nearly all Imperial breeders love more still, is the smaller size of the same dog. The Imperial size is usually more expensive than the standard Shih Tzu. It is comparative to the number of puppies that a Chinese Imperial can have in one litter, and the time and effort involved in raising them to an age where they can go to their new families.

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